Office, Workplace, and Couch Images

Can’t find a beautiful corner in your home to look your professional best in a video meeting on Microsoft Teams? Not an issue. We have…

brown fabric sofa set

Beautiful Rich Interior Home Background Images

Your dream home and your real home are two different things. But in video calls on Microsoft Teams, you can set your background to any lovely place of your fantasy home.

Nostalgic Microsoft Windows Backgrounds

Microsoft has released a few new backgrounds for Microsoft Teams that are nostalgic and fun to use as background in your next video meeting.

Refreshing and Colorful Backgrounds from Microsoft Viva Platform

Get some colorful and vibrant backgrounds featuring WFH desk setups, office lounge areas, and more from the Microsoft Viva platform.

woman wearing sunglasses wall graffiti

Graffiti Backgrounds for Designers and Creatives

Even in professional environments, designers and creatives within a team are the most open and fun kind of people. Here are some graffiti background images for creative people to make a statement in video meetings on Microsoft Teams.

photo of gray arch scenery

Garden, Mountain, and River Images

There’s something about working in nature’s lap. It’s serene. But since you’re working from home, here are some nature background images that you can use in your Microsoft Teams meetings.

Marvel Universe Backgrounds

Every member of a team has a superpower. Combined they run a business. And together they rule the competition. Supercharge your inner powers with these background images from the Marvel Universe…

Star Wars Background Images

Told your boss that you have moved to a galaxy far far away because of the COVID-19 spread on earth? We can help you cover it. Use the following background images in video calls while you’re out and elsewhere…

store signages turned on

Buildings, Streets, and Bridge Images

Structures and buildings have fantasized humanity since time immemorial. The below images of buildings, empty streets, and bridges of all land on earth should well serve as background…

Studio Ghibli Background Images

Studio Ghibli, a renowned animation film company from Japan released a set of background images to be used in video conferencing software like Microsoft Teams…

pavement surrounded with dried leaves

Fall, Trees, and Maple Leaves Images

Give your team meetings the bright and shiny fall season feel with these background images.

Cartoon Background Images

Add fun to any meeting with cartoon background images in Microsoft Teams. From Tom & Jerry, DuckTales, to Kung Fu Panda, we have hand-picked images from the best cartoons ever (and some other).

multicolored train toy near house

Holidays and Christmas Images

Bless your video meetings with happy jingle bells and Christmas vibe using the following background images.

brown wooden table with chairs on green grass field during daytime

Thanksgiving Background Images

Brighten up your video meetings with these background images of all the good vibe that Thanksgiving brings to our lives.

silhouette photo of a cat

Halloween, Pumpkin, Spooky Backgrounds

To add some spooky fun to your video meetings, here are some suitable images of abandoned places, haunted trees, pumpkins, and more.